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Why purify?

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  • * What are the advantages of the "5 star service"?

    Our special service called "5 star service" in Pure Clear Water Supply includes many benefits as following.
    • - For Twin undersink system
    • - One X I micron sediment filter
    • - One X Granular Activated Carbon filter
    • - Reset pressure reducing valve
    • - Replace required O - rings
    • - Check all valves and connections
    • - All done by a qualified technician with 5 star customer service

  • * What are the advantages of Pure Clear Water Supply?

    Our PCW "Point-of-Use" Water Purifiers are perfectly combined with the latest ULTRA FILTRATION purification technology and professional service to supply you with endless clean, healthy fresh water at your finger tips.

    Here are three major advantages ofr Pure Clear Water Supply.

  • * What is Mineral(or Spring) water?

    Mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its constant level and relative proportions of mineral and trace elements at th point of emregence from the source.

    Bottled Mineral Water should contain not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids (also called TDS). If the total dissolved solids (TDS) content of mineral water is below 500 ppm, or it is greater than 1,500 ppm, the statement "low mineral content" or "high mineral content," respectively

    Note: This contrasts to the European definition, where all Natual Spring Waters with a TDS of 0 to 500 mg/liter are considederd Mineral with Low Mineral Content (or just mineral waters).

  • * Which type of minerals can be found in mineral water?

    Followings are several main minerals found in Mineral water


    Almost human cells have some level of magnesium in them, and adults need three to four hundred milligrams of magnesium every day. Magnesium is important for the regulation of muscle contractions and the transmission of nerve impulses, and it activates energy-producing enzymes. Bone structure also relies on magnesium, and it expands blood vessels, which lessens the risk of heart attack. Nervousness, lack of concentration, dizziness, and headaches or migraines may result from magnesium deficiency. Most bottled waters have below 20 mg/l of magnesium, though some may have as much as 1000 mg/l.

    Adults need about eight hundred milligrams of calcium per day - babies don’t require as much, but fifteen to nineteen year olds need significantly more. The many benefits of calcium include It stabilizing bone structure, teeth, and cell membranes; ensuring nerve and muscle impulses are properly transmitted; and helping to prevent blood clotting. Calcium also has a balancing effect for numerous skin allergies. Bones decalcify (osteoporosis) and fractures become more likely if a body is not getting enough calcium. Bottled water usually has less than 100 mg/l of calcium, but a few examples have about 500 mg/l.
    Two to four grams is usually a sufficient day’s supply of potassium. Children and young people should pay particular attention to their intake, since potassium aides the growth of cells. The pressure of water between cells is regulated by potassium, which also makes sure each cell gets enough food. Potassium has special roles to play in muscle contraction and the formation and conduction of impulses of the heart. Potassium deficiency can weaken skeletal muscles and make smooth muscles tired. Typical potassium content in bottled water is less than 5 mg/l, but some (such as Ferrarelle and Malvella) can have as much as 50 mg/l.
    A person’s level of exertion largely determines his or her daily requirement of sodium. Normally about three grams are necessary, but severe physical stress can bring the requirement up to fifteen grams or more. The hearts metabolism is affected by sodium, as is the regular contraction of the heart. Today, we rarely have to worry about sodium deficiency: Salt is an integral part of many foods, especially those that are highly processed. Sodium in bottled water ranges from 10 mg/l in most bottled waters to 1,200 mg/l in a few waters, such as Vichy Catalan and Vichy Celestins.
    Sulfates are the salts of sulfur. They aid the liver in detoxification and help digestion by stimulating the gall bladder. Sulfates in high doses act as a laxative. Fish, meat, and milk contain sulfates, which are an important component of protein. The human body only absorbs small amounts of sulfates, but these amounts are sufficient to stimulate peristalsis by binding magnesium and sodium to water in the intestine. This effect makes mineral waters rich in sulfates, which taste slightly bitter, suitable as nonalcoholic bitters after a meal. Most bottled waters have well below 100 mg/l of sulfates, but San Pellegrino and a few others can reach 500 mg/l.
    Present in all biological fluids, bicarbonate is essential for maintaining our bodies’ pH balance. The substance is also found in stomach secretions. Lactic acid generated by physical activity is neutralized by bicarbonate dissolved in water; a similar process raises the pH of some acidic foods. The typical range for bicarbonate in bottled water is 50 to 200 mg/l, but it can reach up to about 1,800 mg/l in waters such as Apollinaris, Gerolsteiner, and Borsec.
    Most adults need between twenty and thirty milligrams of silica daily. [An essential mineral building block, silica is one of the body’s greatest energizing nutrients.] Silica reduces the risk of heart disease and may prevent osteoporosis; it also helps tissue repair by serving as an antioxidant. Hair and nails are strengthened by silica. If bottled waters contain any silica, it’s usually less than 20 mg/l, and the higher levels in waters such as Fiji and Antipodes are well below 100 mg/l.

  • * What are the hidden hazard of unfiltered tap water?


    As water disinfectant, it is an effective to eliminate dealdly diseases like dysentery, tyhoid, and cholera, but new evidence shows that there are long-term health effects as well

    Today there are estimatated to be 5,000 chlorine based chemicals in common use, and all of them as toxic including the elemental chlorine used to disinfect water.

    Chlorine has long been suspected of causing bladder and colon cancers, but new research shows that it may cause other problems such as breast cancer and it also can kill friendly intestinal bacteria.

    Bacteria Large amounts can cause digestive problems such as diarrhoea and intestinal pain. For this, carbon filters and water coolers must be properly maintained so that they do not become a source of bacteria.

    In Australia, there are hundreds of different pesticides especially from many farm or livestock area.

    But the problem is that there are intimate relationship between only low level exposure of pesticides and neurological disease and cancer.

    Therefore, it is very important to check filter maintenance regularly.

  • * Water stored in bottle is always safe?

    Bottled water may remain bacteria or micro-organism, but this can accelerated following situation

    - When water is stored in the plastic bottle for a long time,

    - When water is not placed into the refrigerate for a long time,

    - When water is exposed to the Sun,

    - When the water bottle lid is not sealed properly,

    As always, water is essential to a healthy lifestyle and our well-being.

  • * Tap water is unhealthy as well??

    Unfortunately, most our water coming from the tap may contain dangerous chemicals and different impurities.

    Even though tap ware has alreay gone through several stages and/or treatment for not allowing contaminated water, in many cases, it is also true that dangerous chemicals can be added into the water during the process of municipal water treatment. Also, water treatment method and facilities are often old and outdated. Therefore, dangerous chemical such as Chlorine, Lead, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium may affect your health.

    There has been increasing in number of diceses and cancers related to poor drinking water. With Pure Clear Water, keep your healthy and safe life.