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:: PCW 969 RC ::

PCW 969 RC

Smarten up your office/reception area with the latest design, main connected,
self-filling dispenser.
Minimum rental term 24months.

Specifications - PCW 969
Water Source Tap water connection Heater Power Consumption 500 W
Purifying Capacity 227-681 litres per day Hot Water Reservoir 2.2 litres
Applications Room temperature & Chilled Hot Water Capacity 20 cups @ 80oC -90oC
Dimensions 370 x 380 x 1070 Heater Band heater
Power Consumption 95 W Hot Water Saftey Tap Available
Cold Water Reservoir 6.5 litres Sealed Reservoir Feature Air filtered
Cold Water Capacity 20 cups @ 5oC -10oC Drip Tray Removable