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:: 4 Stage ultra Filtration System ::

4 stage ultra filteration system

Each model has a four filter system.
The function of each filter is explained as follows :

Sediment Filter (5 microns)

This filter removes undissolved particles such as dust, sand, rust, and all other harmful
solid particles. By extracting these larger particles from the water passing through
the next filter, it prevents clogging, extends filter function, and prolongs the life of the unit's purification system.

Pre-Carbon Filter

This activated carbon filter not only removes residual chlorine, but also gets rid of bad
taste and odours.

Ultra Filtration Filter (0.01 microns)

UF-Membrane filter is well suited to remove bacteria, micro-organism, clay particles,
suspended metal hydroxides, collodial silica, cysts, and other impurities. However
the minerals contained in water pass through UF membrane filter having a superior
water purification capability.

Post-Carbon Filter

It further gets rid of bad taste and smells in the water. Therefore it raises water purity
and makes water taste even better.