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Why purify?
  • * What is the sediment filter and carbon filter?

    You may possibly be drinking unclean "Filter" wate now!!

    The sediment filter will accumulate ALL sediments including sand, hair, rust and any other solid particles in the water. If this build up on the filter is left longer than six months, they might cause bacteria contamination.
    The ability of the carbon filter to absorb impurities will significantly decrease after six months of use. You may not notice the change in taste of the water due to slow process; however you are already drinking chemically affected water!

  • * Why water filter should be changed every 6 months?

    It is very important to sercie EVERY 6 months to ensure the following.

    1. For tasting of fresh and clean water
    2. For prolonging the lifetime of whole system
    3. For preventing of leaking from pressure build up and component wear and tear
    4. For keeping track of your tap water quality.
    5. For continuing the product warranty

  • * Is there any different services for water filter system?

    We have different stage system for water filter service as following.

    * No discount avaliable for DIY

    * Pure Clear water service reserve the right of price changes

  • * How can I choose the water filter system?